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Crusher Plant boot precautions

First of all, we should first understand the crusher work, such as crusher plant whether it is normal in the production process, first check to ensure trouble-free.
Second, check the chute, crushing chamber center whether there is material, the crusher plant body is not easy to break the debris, crushing chamber whether there is ore or other non-broken objects.
Again, before the crusher plant start, the parts were carried out a comprehensive system of inspection, the various parts of the screws, racks, motor feet bolts have no loose place, rotating parts whether have noise,check the pulley is loose, if due to long-term use of belt loosening phenomenon, should be replaced belt.

Crusher Plant

Fourth, before starting the crusher plant, we must first start the thin oil lubrication system to ensure that normal,then start crusher, at the same time, check the oil system whether is blocked, oil spill,if there are problems, please promptly resolve, security is the first element.
Fifth, first issued a boot signal before starting the crusher plant. Be sure to determine no one around the equipment, prohibit the operation of the equipment when someone was walking, to prevent the equipment running the process appears wounding.
Finally, when crusher plant running, feeding evenly.Too much feed, will lead to increasing equipment load, affecting the performance of equipment, thus affecting the efficiency of crushing, we must ensure that the uniform feeding, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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