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How does the crushing plant prevent heat stroke in high temperature days?

With the recent rise in temperature, crushing plant is a large mining machinery, mostly for open air work, the outdoor temperature is higher, the workers operating conditions hard, crushing plant working environment is poor.As the flow of air temperature is relatively high, is not conducive to equipment cooling, so the summer crushing plant equipment, the temperature is too high, easily lead to downtime and other failures.This requires the majority of users attention many aspects to prevent equipment "heat stroke."

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Shanghai clirik experts with the crushing plant actual site visits, give the five coup:
First of all, we should do a good job of crushing plant maintenance work, regular machine inspection to ensure the normal operation.Second, to replace the appropriate oil for the crushing plan,the summer oil viscosity grade slightly higher than other times,engine oil and lubricants should be used in summer brands, moderate oil, and often check whether there is oil spill, especially fuel, should be added in time.Again, to clean up the engine body oil and dust in time, to ensure that the engine to maintain good heat dissipation.Then, the summer outdoor temperature is high, high temperature is easy to damage to the crushing plant, CLIRIK experts suggest that, try to ensure that the equipment placed in the shade regardless of the crushing plant is in a shutdown or working condition,such as temporary awning, to avoid crushing plant prolonged exposure to the sun.Finally, due to high temperatures in summer, increased equipment failure rate and the incidence of fire, Shanghai clirik experts recommend that you must be equipped with a random fire for each machine 1-2 sets of fire extinguishers to prevent unexpected.Do cooling work of crushing plant, is to ensure the safe production and equipment production efficiency basic premise.

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