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What caused the crusher blocking?

When we use the crusher, sometimes meet crusher jamming. do not panic at this time, just find the reason, we can solve this problem:
What caused the crusher blocking?
1, feeding too fast will lead to blockage phenomenon. Some users do not understand the operation of the crusher, they think that the more feed, the faster processing, so keep feeding, which will lead to blockage phenomenon of crusher.
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2, the discharge port is not smooth, the crusher is generally installed relatively high, the following release of the conveyor, but this does not prevent the material falling to the conveyor below. Over time if more material below the conveyor accumulation, it will seriously affect the normal discharge of the crusher.
3, rust, blockage and other issues occured in the screen below the crusher, resulting in slow discharge, resulting in the phenomenon of blockage of the crusher. 
When the crusher is blocked, please immediately stop feeding, cut off the power, find out the cause of the blockage, to solve it.

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